Why Auvesta

It’s simple

You purchase physical bars of precious metals – gold, silver, platinum, palladium – the choice is yours. Buy once or schedule periodic purchases. Manage your precious metal assets online.


Buy parts of large bars, up to 15% cheaper from 1 Euro

100% ownership

Your bars will be allocated to you by numbers so that you have the option to check your precious metals in your safe online any time.


The purchased precious metal will be stored directly in a high security vault by an independent third party safe operator. 100% of the value is insured against the risks of theft and robbery.


Regular audits are performed by independent third parties. An inventory list is published daily online.

Tax benefit

If stored, silver, platinum and palladium purchases are exempt sales tax/value added tax exempt

Guaranteed authenticity

The suppliers of the bars are LBMA certified manufacturers who emboss their bars with numbers.

Guaranteed quality

We sell only newly cast bars of precious metals that come with a certificate of authenticity issued by the manufacturer.

Buy-back guarantee

Full buy-back guarantee for all precious metals stored in the vault. Sell your bars any time you need to, and get your money back.

Precious metal should be part of every portfolio...